Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tutorial: Easy Summer Eyes

This look is one of my personal favourites because it's perfect for summer. It uses both warm and cool colours, which means that it would look amazing on all eye colours! Enjoy

-Apply a primer all over the eye area [UDPP]
-Using an angled brush, apply a frosty beige shadow under the brow for a highlighter [MAC Ricepaper]
-Apply a wash of a matte peach coral shadow all over the lid [96 colour palette]
-Mix a bright bluish-green pigment with a mixing medium (I used eye drops) and apply as liner using a detail brush [Glamour Doll Eyes in Island Chic]
-Apply a bit of that colour to the lower lashline as well
-As an optional step, you can use a deeper blue pigment and layer a bit on top of the first colour we put down [Glamour Doll Eyes in MIngles]
-Line the waterline with a white pencil and apply waterproof mascara

And you're DONE ! :)
Thanks so much for reading

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